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Surly Big Dummy
Surly Big Dummy - 2017
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (2 Reviews)

Big Dummy is a long-tail cargo bike, which means that not only can you haul a serious amount of cargo, different accessories can be added to your Big Dummy frame and deck depending on what you want to carry. Being a dedicated single-piece frame, instead of an add-on to an existing bike, it’s… [more]

  Litespeed T5G
Litespeed T5G - 2017

LITESPEED T5 Gravel Titanium Flat Mount Disc Frame (XL), Fork, CK headset. [more]

Lynskey Performance Peloton "Silver Series" - Small
Lynskey Performance Peloton "Silver Series" - Small - 2014

If the long and winding road is your thing, then the Peloton's slightly relaxed geometry and longer top tube will set you right for every lengthy sojourn. From centuries and gan fondos all the way to credit card touring, the Peloton is that responsive, confidence-inducing two wheeled partner you've… [more]

  Heller Shagamaw GX1
Heller Shagamaw GX1 - 2016

Hop on Heller's Shagamaw GX1 and, as soon as rubber meets dirt, you won't be able to stop smiling, hollering, or making moto sound effects! The sculpted carbon frame delivers stability and stiffness in a rock-solid hardtail platform, while the 130mm-travel RockShox Yari fork keeps the front end… [more]

Lynskey Performance R240 Frame
Lynskey Performance R240 Frame - 2015

You can feel it in the ride! Lynskey's R240 Frame does more than just roll over the pavement. It floats over blacktop, or at least it feels that way, thanks to the full 3Al/2.5V-titanium frame and Lynskey's famous geometry. And, it's in the details, like the pro-level tapered and integrated head… [more]

  Ritchey Carbon Break-Away Road Frameset
Ritchey Carbon Break-Away Road Frameset - 2015

Ritchey's Carbon Break-Away frameset lets you easily travel with a lightweight, stiff yet silky smooth full carbon road machine. A carbon fiber bike for travel? Yes! Ritchey's carbon fiber frame is exceptionally durable and of course, brilliant to ride with the same performance you've come to… [more]

Lynskey Performance Cooper CX Frame
Lynskey Performance Cooper CX Frame - 2015

Proudly touted as the "Swiss Army Knife" of bikes, Lynskey's Cooper CX Frame is perfect for building your do-it-all dream machine, because, whether it's racing cyclocross, gravel grinding or crossing the country, the Cooper has the performance, handling, tire clearance and comfort to get the job… [more]

  Lynskey Performance UrBANskey
Lynskey Performance UrBANskey - 2015

Lynskey's UrBANskey frame is a chameleon of sorts, taking on the urban landscape and beyond in any capacity you can dream up. Commuting? Got it. Touring? You bet. Gravel-grinding? Let's do it. This full 3Al/2.5V-titanium frame features interchangeable dropouts so you can decide between quick… [more]

Lynskey Performance Sportive - Small
Lynskey Performance Sportive - Small - 2014

The Lynskey Sportive is designed specifically for medium to long endurance road events like Sportives and Gran Fondos where both positive handling and comfort are desired. Curved seatstays for added comfort and a semi-relaxed geometry make the Sportive a well-balanced and reliable machine for long… [more]

  Lynskey Performance ProCross Frame
Lynskey Performance ProCross Frame - 2015

Lynskey handcrafts their ProCross in Tennessee from 3Al/2.5V and 6Al/4V titanium for maximum cyclocross prowess. This amazing frame boasts Lynskey's oversize Helix down tube for awesome power transfer and control, while the 6Al/4V triangular top tube complements the efficiency and provides comfort… [more]

10 Results