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Campagnolo Cassette Lock Ring - 26.0mm 12+ Tooth


Cassette Lock Ring - 26.0mm 12+ Tooth

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Campagnolo Cassette Lock Ring - 26.0mm 12+ Tooth

Precisely machined from nickel chrome steel. Chrome plated for extra durability.
The outside diameter of the threaded portion is 26.0 mm.

We suggest using a Park Torque Wrench, for the most accurate installation. Campagnolo recommends tightening the lockring to 50 Newton Meters (N.m) or 36.9 foot pounds.

Note how these lockrings are stamped with the words "9 Speed" which can be confusing. A lockring is matched to a specific cassette body and a first position cog only. The number of cogs is not important. Therefore you may use this lockring with an 8, 9 or 10 speed cassette as long as the body and first position cog are correct.

26.0 mm lockrings used to come in two flange sizes: One with a 38.5 mm flange for cassettes that start with a 12 tooth or larger cog. Another with a 35.2 mm flange that is for cassettes with an 11 tooth first position cog. These lockrings are NOT interchangeable! You must match the flange size to your first position cassette cog. The 11 tooth first position 26.0 lock ring was discontinued. You may grind or mill down the flange on a 12 tooth one to 35.2 mm and it will work fine.

The 38.5 mm flange diameter lockring is available only in chromed steel.

These lockrings are designed to fit the original Campagnolo 9 speed hubs that first appeared in 1997. They also fit 1996 Campagnolo 8 speed titanium hubs.

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