Campagnolo Pre-2000 Brake Pads (BR-RE600)


Campagnolo Pre-2000 Campagnolo Pads (set of 4)

Campagnolo Dual Pivot pads are easily replaceable. Carefully pry a small flat bladed screwdriver under the pad at the open end of the holder. Gently twist the screwdriver and pry the pad away from the holder. The pad will start to lift and come out of the holder. 
Repeat one or two times until the pad pops off the holder. 

To install new pads remove one holder at a time from your caliper. Reinstall the holder when you have inserted the new pad. It is easy confuse right and left holders or put them on backwards. Coat the replacement pad with talc and push it in by hand. Put the closed end of the alloy holder on a soft block of wood. Gently tap the extended end of the rubber pad with a small hammer until it seats completely into the holder. 

Dual Pivot pads come as a set of four rubber pads WITH OUT the alloy holders. 

The RE 600 pad fits: 
1994 to 1999 Record brake calipers
1995 to 1999 Chorus brake calipers
1996 to 1999 Athena brake calipers
1996 to 1997 Veloce Monoplaner calipers
Year 2000 Daytona brake calipers
2001 Veloce brake calipers. 
Dual Pivot pads come in three models, RE 600, RE700 and RE 701. 

Made in Italy by Campagnolo and backed with a three year warranty.

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