shop labor rates


Tune-Up Pricing

Basic Tune-Up


Full Tune-Up







Wheel True


Wheel Build


Finish a Laced Wheel


Tubular Tire Installation

$50-$60 plus $10 in glue per wheel

Install Tire/Tube


Hub Adjustments


Front Hub Overhaul

$15-$30 plus parts

$60 for Campy hubs ($100 for wheel set)

Rear Hub Overhaul

$15-$30 plus parts

$60 for Campy hubs ($100 for wheel set)


Brake Adjustment


Cable Installation


Pad Installation


Caliper Installation


Aero Lever Installation

$40 plus new bar tape ($15-$45)


Ergo Lever Installation 

$60 plus new bar tape ($15-$45)

Campagnolo Ergo Lever Overhaul

$60/lever or $100/pair plus parts (aprox. $10-$100 per lever)


Bottom Bracket Installation


Bottom Bracket Overhaul


Crankset Installation

$40 (includes bottom bracket install)

Chain Installation


Derailleur Installation


Derailleur Adjustment


Hanger/Dropout Alignment


Tap Threads and Face BB Shell



Install Stem


Install Handlebar


Install Aero Bar 


Install Bar Tape



Fork Install


Headset Install


Headset Overhaul

$30 plus parts

Cutting Threads on Steerer

$15 per cm

Crown Race Seat Facing


Face Head Tube



Basic Computer


Cadence Computer


Boxed bikes

Bike Assembly

$100 (+$50 for tri bikes)

If a basic/full tune is requested with a boxed build add $25 to the price of the tune up

Internet Bike Assembly


Bike Boxing


Hard Case Boxing 


Tandem Boxing



Crash/Damage Estimates


Frame Saver


Minimum Shipping Charges




Labor rates are based upon $100/hour; $10 minimum labor charge. Any tune up will incur an additional cleaning charge in brought in dirty. Replacement parts are extra—if needed. Bring your bike in for a detailed and specific estimate.