branford Bike knowledge base

Our knowledge base is full of information on how to adjust and maintain your

Campy equipment. Click the images above to learn more about all the

components of your bike, or see below for a summary. 

ergo lever rebuilds

Rebuilding ergo levers by replacing worn parts and packing in new grease is a great way to bring your old Campy levers back to life. 

Bottom bracket standards

Discover the difference between ultra-torque, power-torque, over-torque, press-fit and square taper bottom brackets. 


Information on BCD, 10sp vs 11sp chainrings, and compatability for older Campy chainrings.

Cassettes and cogs

Understand the difference between different eras of Campy free hub bodies and cassette spacing. 


Tips and tricks for crankset removal and installation.

Front derailleurs

Check out the different mounting systems for front derailleurs, as well as replaceable parts, torque specs, indexing, inboard/outboard limits, and height and rotational angle adjustments.

Rear derailleurs

Chain capacity, cage length, chain wrap, limit screws, B-screw, rear derailleur parts and more. 


Brush up on the components of threaded and threadless headsets, as well as see what Campagnolo headset parts are still available.

handlebar taping tips

Handlebar wrapping is a skill that takes practice and patience. Find some tips here.

tubular tires

Learn about the art and history of aging tubular tires.