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Campagnolo Front Hub Small Parts (1999-2006)

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Campagnolo 1999-2006 Front Hub Parts

Campagnolo Record, Chorus and Centaur hubs use oversized aluminum alloy axles, adjustable 5/32 ball bearings and feather light, one piece alloy shells. All three models are exceptionally easy to overhaul, adjust and maintain. All parts are replaceable and most are interchangeable between the three models. 
Most Campagnolo hub parts may also be used with Campagnolo factory wheels. 
Some Campagnolo factory front wheels, Bora, Neutron and Euros, use a special front hub axles to accommodate twin dust caps. The rear axles are the same as Campagnolo road hubs. 
We suggest using Le Tour Whisper White grease for lubricating Campagnolo hubs. 
Genuine Campagnolo replacement parts are available below. 
Made in Italy by Campagnolo and backed with a three year warranty. 
Warranty service and help with technical questions is available from Campagnolo USA in Carlsbad, California USA. Call Campagnolo USA at (760) 931-0106, or visit them at 

Parts NOT listed below are no longer available.

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