Rebuilding Campagnolo Ergo Levers


  • For levers 2009 and later, we can only replace the whole shifter mechanism as a "pro kit."  
  • Right or rear derailleur side, Ergo levers should be rebuilt every 10,000 to 15,000 miles, depending on maintenance and riding conditions.
  • We recommend replacing (at the minimum) G springs, Spring Carrier, when rebuilding a pre-2009 right side lever.
  • Campagnolo Ergopower manuals show how to rebuild a lever with detailed pictures and easy to follow, step by step instructions. The manual is for 1998 to 2008 Ergo levers.
  • We can rebuild, upgrade, or retro-fit your 1999 to 2008, 9 or 10 speed Ergo Levers for you. The cost to rebuild or upgrade is $60.00 for labor/per lever, parts can range from $10. to over $100. depending on condition of lever.  Please email if you would like an accurate estimate. 
  • Send your lever(s) to:
  • Branford Bike
    2404 10th Ave. E.
    Seattle, WA 98102

Enclose a letter with the problems you have encountered, the amount of mileage on your lever, your return address, e-mail and charge card information. Please allow 5 to 7 days for turn around time



    ·Any time the lever is apart, it is a good idea to replace all springs, they are inexpensive and will restore your lever to like-new efficiency.  We recommend our Intermediate kit.

    · Check closely for notching or wear on the inside of alloy spring carrier and bushing.  Sometimes, the parts may appear normal when first disassembled—clean dirt and grease off all parts and inspect carefully.

    · Check thumb button (at rivet) for any excessive play.  Sweat, corrosion and heavy use can cause faulty engagement of the index gear.

    · On reassembly, only a small dab of light-duty grease on each g-spring is required—Whisper White or Campagnolo Professional Grease works well here.  Ergo levers should never be lubricated with WD-40, Tri-Flow, etc.


    * Upgrading to 10sp requires 10sp index gear (part #6) and 10sp ratchet ring (part #10), which are no longer available individually.  Please use our Pro Kit.


    What Year is Your Ergo Lever?

    • 1991 to 1997 7, 8 and 9 speed Ergo levers had pointed hoods and a sweeping curved brake lever as in first picture below.
    • 1998 Athena and Veloce 9 speed, and Mirage 8 speed, Ergo levers had pointed hoods and a sweeping curved brake lever as in first picture below.
    • 1998 Record and Chorus 9 speed Ergo levers had rounded hoods and a flatter, curved brake lever as in second picture below.
    • ALL 1999 to 2008, 9 and 10 speed Ergo levers have rounded hoods and a flatter, curved brake lever as in second picture below. 1999 to 2008 Ergo levers are the ONLY models to have Ergo Brain buttons on the rubber hoods and matching ports in the Carbon plastic bodies.
    • Levers 2009 and later have an bend towards the center of the bike at the top of the hood, and a more pronounced double curve of the brake lever.


    Shifter feature glossary

    Ultra-shift: introduced in 2009 with 11speed groups SR, Record and Chorus as well as lower end 10s groups of that era. Ultra-shift is the name for simultaneous shifts that can be performed with the right shifter. 3 downshifts and 5 upshifts are possible with a single motion of the corresponding lever. Different internal mechanisms resulted in all Ultra-shift levers being not rebuildable.

    QS (Quick shift): refers to left hand cable pull per “click.” Introduction of QS results in more rapid front derailleur movement per click, and fewer overall clicks allowed by shifter. Compatible with all 10speed components. Non-QS had many more index “clicks.” QS and non-QS shifters are interchangeable for the same number of speeds.

    Escape: Lower end 10 speed models (e.g. Veloce) have completely different 10 speed internals. Single thumb button click instead of multiple per throw. NOT rebuildable.